Worship Moment


This beautiful worship moment is written by Marj Martin (and in-house editor Cliff!). Thank you to you both.

Psalm 119 vs. 105 from scripture:

          “Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.”

A simple prayer of Gratitude:

          Thank you
          I dwell upon
          The goodness in my life
          Thank you
          I cherish in my heart
          Your gift to me
          Thank you
          I notice the blessings
          of life, breath, loving and sharing
          I am so very grateful
          Thank you Lord.

    Early this morning, March 26th, as the sun streamed through my window, our dog, Titan, curled up beside me, I opened my phone to “My Daily Minute”. The daily “60 second inspiration”, provided by the Pastor, Paul Ivany, at Norval United Church, includes a short message, a prayer and a link to a music video.  Introducing the video he writes, “This is one of the most beautiful videos I have ever linked [to My Daily Minute]. I am feeling that because it is perfect for the time we are in.” He goes on to say, “Gorgeous images, beautiful words, soaring melody.  Stop right now. Listen to this. Know this truth.” As I listened and watched, I was filled with gratitude in the knowledge that I “do not walk alone. God’s light is always on the path ahead.” All of us can share in this assurance as we experience the COVID-19 crisis.

    I love choral singing (participating and listening), a lifelong pursuit of mine.  Joining voices to praise God, to express a feeling and to entertain others have resulted in cherished friendships and a sense of belonging to a greater whole. So many people are using their God-given gifts to provide music videos to bring comfort, entertain or provide a chuckle that is needed during this time of global insecurity. I am grateful for my church family who are sharing their gifts to help us get through these troubled times. I am reminded of the lyrics from a hymn by Klusmeier and Farquharson, “Teach us when we face our troubles/Love’s expressed in many ways.”

To listen and enjoy:

“You Do Not Walk Alone” by Elaine Hagenberg