Mission and Outreach

The Mission And Outreach group at Trinity United exists to serve our local community
as well as to support our wider world. We provide support to our local food bank, to
Interchurch for Christmas hampers and to other local groups in need of donations (such
as Ingamo House and Mother Reach, as well as many more). 
We collect donations from the congregation each month and distribute them where the
need is most. Our monthly collection list is as follows

  • February 16- diapers/ toilet paper
  • March 15- laundry detergent/ cleaning supplies
  • April 19- Kitchen or Bathroom Shower for Ingamo.
  • May 17 – 1lb hamburger (cash donations preferred)
  • June 21 – personal care items
  • July/ August – kd, juice boxes, granola bars, fruit and pudding cups, insta soup –
    things that are easy to open, easy to eat without utensils, easy for kids at home
    alone over the summer to handle.
  • September 20- canned tuna
  • October 18- canned fruit
  • November 15- cereal and peanut butter
  • December 20- white gift Sunday


*Please note that with the restrictions in place due to the covid-19 virus, I am unsure
how our items will be collected and distributed at this time. Our local food bank (through
the Salvation Army) is still accepting food donations at this time. We are aware that after
this crisis is over, there will be a large need from our community for many different
items, as well as food. When that happens, we will update our congregation as to where
we are able to best serve our community.*


Did you know that June 20 was World Refugee Day? Our calendars will be marked for this event in June 2021 and hopefully, the OURS committee and all its supporters within the United Churches of Oxford will have something special to celebrate at that time.

Please note the change in name which reflects the role we now play. The Oxford United Refugee Support Committee is most grateful to the Council of St. David’s for agreeing to continue their role as “sponsor” so that the work of our committee can continue. In case you missed this report in the “Connections Newsletter,” we want all congregants to be aware of the activity within our committee.

Following the withdrawal of Freweini Mebrahtu and daughters from the sponsorship program, 2 young men, nephews of Habte and Abrhazion Zekarias, indicated their desireto come to Canada. Mussie Yohannas Habte and Kidane Esayas Habte fled their home in Eritrea due to a new “policy of service”, literally public slavery. They now reside in Ethiopia with little food and poor living conditions. Forms will be filed with our government to begin the process which could take 2 years.

Last year, we set a goal to raise $8 800.00 to bring Abrhazion’s sister, Sara Temnewu and family to Canada. With your financial support, we realised just over $11 000.00 . Congratulations and THANK YOU! Our committee anxiously awaits word on the Temnewu Family (Sara, Salem, Fithawi and Naod) who are presently in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. This family is co-sponsored by Abrhazion Zekarius and funds are in place for their arrival in Canada.

At the same time, Bisrat Behre Yemane, son of Freweini Mebrahtu made his wish known to leave his home and family to come to Canada so our need of fundraising continues. With funds from the withdrawal of Freweini Mebrahtu, we are on our way to helping 3 young men begin a new life in Canada. On their arrival, all 3 will be housed by the Zekarius family.

If you are willing and able to support this cause, we ask that cheques be made out to St. David’s United Church with REFUGEE SPONSORSHIP in the memo line and mailed to:

St. David’s United Church, Treasurer, 190 Springbank Ave., North,Woodstock , Ont. N4S 7R1

Your support, the sponsorship of St. David’s and the help of Brian Jackson, Treasurer, are greatly appreciated as we continue to do God’s work in helping to improve the lives of others.

Carol Ewing – Chair – Oxford United Refugee Support