Worship Moment

Seeing One Another

Proverbs 17:17  (NRSV)

17 A friend loves at all times,
    and kinsfolk are born to share adversity.

The recent announcement by the Ontario government stating that schools will remain closed until at least May 4 was not really a surprise.  My hunch is that the reactions to this new are varied, and likely dependent on who you are and what school means to you.  Even in our home there are 5 different reactions.

In talking with teachers who are checking in with families I have learned that there are many parents right now who are struggling with this news. Some are still working and trying to balance their work responsibilities with their children’s needs. Some children are finding the transition and lack of structure too much. Some families do not have supports or are worried about their finances.  What most struck me again in all of this was  recognizing that not everyone is part of a caring and loving community.

Friends, we are so blessed to be part of the Trinity family. I trust that you could each name the ways in which your life is enhanced because of your faith and your church community. I have been heartened to hear the ways you are caring for one another; grocery shopping, phone calls, sharing news, video chats and so many other creative ways of showing your love.

And yet, I am concerned for the many who do not have support during this time. So, I pose a challenge….

Is there someone you know (even at a distance) who does not have a community that is supporting them during this time? Is there a way that you can connect with them to listen, to encourage, to let them know that you see them?

 I think of the parent who walks by your front window with their children every day, to help them burn off energy.  Today, could you open the door, say hello and wish them a good day? 

I think of the store clerk you encounter as you get groceries, who has left his family at home and worries about carrying home germs.  Can you thank them for what they are doing? Or would you take it one step further and let them know you will pray for them? 

I think of your neighbor who lives alone since their partner died. Could you leave a note in their mailbox to share a memory or invite them to have a coffee from your respective porches (that are 6 feet away!!!)?

There are so many people who need to be seen and so many creative ways to acknowledge them and encourage them.  As the proverb teaches us, we are kinfolk to one another and in this time of adversity, I trust we can find new ways to love.  You will each have ideas of how that might happen.

Thank you for the ways that you are living your faith and reaching out.  Thank you for continuing to be Christ’s Church, right from your homes. Thank you for the prayers that you are offering.

I continue to pray for you, giving thanks to God for a faith-filled community that lives love.


Loving God, today is a day when we can give thanks for the Trinity community and the many people who make up that community.  We thank you for the ways that they reach out beyond the church walls and the ways that they care for one another.

We know that there are many who long for community and who feel so alone right now. Inspire us with ways to connect and encourage others. Give us eyes to see and hearts ready to respond.

In gratitude we pray for….

God, for each new day we give you thanks. Amen.

To Listen and Sing:

The Servant Song by Richard Gillard