Worship Moment

A Known God

Psalm 119:89-90
89 Your word, Lord,
    stands firm in heaven forever!
90 Your faithfulness extends from one generation to the next!
    You set the earth firmly in place, and it is still there.


    Corrie Ten Boom and her family aided Jewish people in escaping the Nazis during the Holocaust.  She, herself was a Holocaust survivor who started a rehabilitation center for concentration camp survivors, as well as a global ministry to preach the power of forgiveness.  She has many well-known quotes that speak to the heart (and it is worth reading more about her).

    This week, this quote of hers came up on my computer. “Never be afraid to trust an unknown future to a known God.” I had heard it before, but never like today. 

    We are in the midst of an uncertain time with an unknown future. Understandably that can cause a lot of stress for people. And yet, we worship a God whose faithfulness has extended from generation to generation (Psalm 119:90) – a God who has proven time and again that we are not alone. A God whose love for humanity is greater than we can imagine. A God who is with us and for us. In this unknown future we can trust in the God we know who is a constant presence.

    And when that feels difficult – when you are fearful or anxious or feeling without hope – I encourage you to spend time reflecting upon those times when you felt God’s presence. Bring to mind experiences when you knew it was God alone who gave you the strength you needed or when God surprised you in some beautiful way.  THAT is the God you know and the God in whom we can trust as we look toward tomorrow with hope.

Prayer: God, You are with us. From the beginning of creation You set the earth firmly in place and You have walked with Your people. Help us to place our trust in You. Remind us of the ways that You have worked in our lives, that we might experience Your continued presence. Amen.

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