Worship Moment

Strength for Today

Isaiah 40:31

But they who wait for the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings like eagles, they shall run and not be weary, they shall walk and not faint.”

Reflection (This Worship Moment was inspired by my classmate Derek.)

These words from the Old Testament prophet are familiar words to many and offer comfort for the weary, the faint of heart and those who struggle.  Words like renewal, strength, mounting up – are words that can inspire us and remind us that God is near. They are words of faith and hope – something many of us need these days.

Many are weary as they try to navigate a new normal to their routines. Fear is very real for a number of people, especially those who are working or who have family members on the front lines. Uncertainty still looms and I know that there are days when I wonder what can be done.

And yet, I am not without hope.  I am NOT without hope because I trust that God IS with us and that God will strengthen us for each new day. The God of soaring eagles and nets full of fish (thank you Judy for a powerful sermon!) and resurrection is with us and will renew us each day.

I think we forget that.  I know there are days that I do.  And too often we try to rely upon our own strength to get us through.  We wake up each morning of this pandemic and try to figure out what WE can do today to get through. There is something within many of us that says we need to do it on our own or that we cannot ask for help.  We forget about God.

Friends, God is with us.  Not some time in the future.  Not when the pandemic is over or when we figure it all out.  God is with us this day and every day, to offer us renewal and new life. The strength that sustains us will not be our own.

The prophet Isaiah knew it. Jesus came and lived it.  The Church has been built trusting that God will strengthen God’s people.  And today, we, too, can be assured that God is with us. We need not depend on our own strength.  Or as Derek would say, “We DARE not depend on our own strength, as even with our best efforts we will run out of steam.”  We can look beyond ourselves and turn to God as our source of strength and renewal and hope.


God of strength and hope, in You I will find renewal. In You I can trust. If I depend upon myself, I will become weary. You are the one who will strengthen me. Help me to never forget that. Help me to place my trust in You each day. Amen.


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