Worship Moment

Jesus Bugs

Psalm 104:24-25

Lord, how manifold are your works!
    In wisdom you have made them all;
    the earth is full of your creatures.
25 Yonder is the sea, great and wide,
    creeping things innumerable are there,
    living things both small and great.

The other night I was unloading groceries and there was a young family out for a walk.  At the end of our laneway is a huge pothole in the road – 6×4 feet (and when I forget about it – it feels like 20×20 feet).  That night it was filled with rainwater and the little girl stopped to look in.  She was intrigued and called her parents over, “Look, there is a bug on top of the water. It’s walking on the water.  Look, Mommy!  That bug can WALK on top of the water!”

It took everything in me to not turn around and say “It’s a Jesus bug.” (In light of Sunday’s sermon, I wish I did!!)

Is there such a thing as a Jesus bug?  I don’t know.  But come on!  Walking on water? It HAS TO BE a Jesus bug. That is one of the most wonderful stories in the Bible (Matthew 14:22-33).  And the excitement that bug inspired!! It is God who creates something so incredibly intricate and awe-inspiring.  It is God who continually causes us to say “Wow!” when creation surprises us with new life.  In my mind it has to be a Jesus bug!

And when we discover something that so beautifully points to God, we need to boldly declare them to BE of God.  Jesus bugs. Blossoms emerging on old branches. Water rushing down a river. The smell and the smile of a baby. Love.

Some days it feels that we only have eyes to see the struggle and the darkness.  And yet God, the Creator is revealing God’s self to us in innumerable ways.  How manifold are God’s works!

Today, may your eyes see God at work in the world.


Creating One, open my eyes that I may see.  Amen.

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