Worship Moment


Psalm 96

O sing to the Lord a new song;
    sing to the Lord, all the earth.
Sing to the Lord, bless his name;
    tell of his salvation from day to day.


Saturday I was singing in the garage.  Nothing fancy-trust me!  Kevin was out there working with music playing and it was a song that “caught me” in a great way.  A song whose beat made me sing and dance and just rejoice.

Music can do that. It can also put you in a melancholy mood, increase your energy, generate memories – so many ways that music impacts us. We sing in worship. We sing at funerals.  We sing to welcome in a new year, to celebrate a birthday and around a campfire.  Anthems are written in honour of countries, people, historical events and as expressions of faith.  Like the psalmists, we have learned that singing can express our thoughts, feelings, longings and praise. Singing before God is an expression of who we are and who we believe God to be.

One of the things I have noted during the stay-in-place order is how often someone in our family sits down at the piano or has music playing.  The kids will write and play songs on the piano or on their computers.  Kevin will work for hours if he has music on. I have enjoyed searching for and finding music for the worship moments. We don’t all appreciate the same music, and yet we each have found music and singing to bring a sense of comfort and peace.

How easy it is to forget that.  To forget what music can do for our spirits. 

And yet during this time so many musicians around the world are reminding us of the power of music as they offer on-line concerts or create pieces with multiple instruments and voices. I have also noted how many of these pieces of music are hymns.  In the midst of uncertainty and isolation, people cannot keep from singing – especially singing their faith. Older familiar hymns and new hymns that speak of our relationship with God.

What are you singing these days? If you are having a tough day AND if you are having a good day, I encourage you to find some good Christian music or hymns online and sing.  Sing your joy.  Sing your concern. Sing your faith.  Sing to God and bless God’s name.

It will make a difference!


God help me to sing a new song to you each day as I come before you.  May the song I sing express all that is within me and may it be sung as an offering to you. Help me not to worry about my voice or which song I sing.  Just let me sing!  Amen.

To Listen and Sing