Worship Moment

Antler River Watershed Prayer


This prayer was on the Facebook page for Antler River Watershed Region, the new United Church of Canada governing body for our area (formerly Oxford Presbytery/London Conference). I have included it in its entirety.


Diane Matheson-Jimenez At the end of May, when the staff team gathered for our weekly meeting, we prayed these words together.

We invite you to use these words in times of private prayer or public worship, as you feel so moved.

Whatever you found yourself being about this day, know your Regional Council staff team is praying for you. And you. And you too!


“Holy One,

We acknowledge that COVID-19 has infiltrated every fibre of our daily lives.

Because of COVID-19, our family relations have been altered;

our education and employment has been moved to our homes, or put on hold, or looks very different than it did in the final months of 2019;

our daily news briefings are a whirlwind of statistics and new ‘best practices’.

All over the world, people are losing their lives, without the comfort of loved ones at their bedside.

COVID-19 has taken lives, loved ones, and livelihood from us.

We pause to name in word, image, or silence that which has been lost to COVID-19.


We acknowledge that some of the changes we’ve experienced because of COVID-19 have been positive.

We know that less commuting to and from work is reducing emissions and air pollution.

Families are baking and crafting and doing puzzles together.

Friends are more intentional about checking in on one another.

Neighbours are sharing what they have.

We are becoming increasingly aware of how inclined we were to take simple comforts for granted.

We pause to name in word, image, or silence the things we’ve taken for granted.


We acknowledge that while many of us were able to stay safe in our homes, many were asked to sacrifice much to keep our systems functioning.

Some, because of what they do, and some simply because of who they are, have worked tirelessly at keeping supplies on store shelves, caring for vulnerable members of our communities, and raising morale.

With hearts full of gratitude, we pause to give name to the helpers:

Those who bring us food – the farmers and farm workers, the bakers and butchers, the burger flippers and coffee makers, the package and warehouse staff, the truckers

Those who staff our markets and grocery stores – the cleaners, shelf stockers, and cashiers

Those who deliver our food, mail, and online goods

Those who are making and distributing food for neighbours in need

Those staff and volunteers who create safe spaces in shelters and community centres

Those staffing group homes and community residences

The retreat centres and camps offering sanctuary to arriving migrant workers

The mask, scrub cap, and gown sewers working around the clock to keep our communities safer

The worship leaders finding ways to connect, create meaning, celebrate, and provide care

The funeral directors walking with families who are grieving

Those providing spiritual, mental health, and emotional support – therapists, spiritual directors, life coaches

The parents and guardians caring for children, and the adult children caring for their parents

The educators and those in ministry with children and youth

The children and youth who have given up school friends, birthday parties, and team sports to help flatten the curve

The healthcare workers in institutions and homes – respiratory therapists, nurses, doctors, pharmacists, PSWs, radiologists, technicians, dieticians, midwives, doulas, environmental service workers, porters, physical and occupational therapists

The first responders – firefighters, police, paramedics, 911 operators

The lab techs and researchers processing tests, isolating antibodies, searching for answers

Those who care and provide necessary supplies for animal companions

Those who pick up, sort and cart off our recycling and weekly household waste

Those who drive and maintain our modes of public transit

Those maintaining our phone and internet, water, sewage and electrical infrastructure

The artists and entertainers sharing their music, choreography, paintings, and comedy sketches to bring joy

The journalists, videographers, reporters, radio DJs, and photographers who bring news

The decision makers – politicians, medical officers, policy writers

Holy One, we place all these named, and those whose names are written on our hearts, into your loving hands, praying that we might live in gentler ways that honour their service.

May it be so. Amen.”


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