Worship Moment

Make a Joyful Noise

Psalm 100:1-2

Make a joyful noise to the Lord, all the earth.
    Worship the Lord with gladness;
    come into his presence with singing.

This worship moment is written by Kevin Butler.


 The other day I was outside working on one of my “summer projects”. I was trying to push through to complete it but was getting frustrated and making mistakes. Things were not going the way they should or had earlier that day.

 In this frustration, our daughter Hopelyn came out to the backyard where I was working. “Dad, what did you want?” she asked. I looked at her puzzled and said, “Nothing, I’m good.” She continued, “Are you sure?” “I again said, “I’m good, why?”. Apparently, she received a phone call and a voice message from me while I was busy working outside with my phone tucked inside my front pocket. Not knowingly making that call, I asked if she could put the message I unintentionally left, on speakerphone.

What we heard was silence followed by singing, my singing. I was singing to a song that was being played from one of my playlists on Spotify. As I heard myself singing, two things happened. We both laughed and all my frustrations subsided, and the second thing is that the song transported me back to earlier that day when I sang that song. I was in a “happy” place building outside, talking with God, and singing that song. It was a “feel good” moment and a laugh for me.

This past Sunday, Rev. Tracy posed a question, “What are the ways that you can make a joyful noise before God?” There are many ways to make a joyful noise. For me, it is the joyful sounds of the tools creating something from nothing or listening to the joyful music or singing to songs either internally or for all to hear (or on this particular day, it was for my daughter to hear).

It’s easy to make a joyful noise for God but just as I can make a joyful noise for God, I cannot help but wonder what joyful noise is God making for me? After all, a relationship works both ways and we have to be receptive of the joyful noise (or as I like to think, “soundscapes”) that we exchange in the moments we spend together. I like to think of it as God’s personal playlist for me, for what I need to hear, in the moment.

On that day, I guess God wanted me to hear my own “joyful” voice singing to remind me to take a moment and step back, laugh, and focus on a joyful time when I wasn’t frustrated.  As God and I continue this ebb and flow of joyful sounds, one thing is certain for me, God is always with me.

I wonder what sounds of joy are you hearing from God? 


God, joyful noise is such a gift to offer and to receive.  Help me to listen for the joyful noise that you need me to hear.  Amen.

To Listen (Kevin’s selection – please see both options)

God Is Always With Us

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