Worship Moment

The Calendar

Psalm 119:105

105 Your word is a lamp to my feet
    and a light to my path.


Tonight (Thursday) I spent 1.5 hours going through my personal calendar and our family calendar for the next 4 months. Like many families we have one of those big calendars that hang on the fridge and each of us has a different colour to write down our events. It also has stickers at the back you can use to mark special things; birthdays, doctor appointments, special evenings, sports and activities.  Our children haven’t even started school yet, extra-curriculars are still uncertain, my church meetings have not all been scheduled, the pace is still “slower than normal” and already the calendar is a colourful “to do list” that will keep us on track.

Of interest to me is that in this particular calendar the pages of stickers also contains stickers for “Mom’s Time” and “Dad’s Time” reminding people of the importance of including those things into our daily lives (something that not many of us are good at!).  Unfortunately, there are no “God Time” stickers. I know. I know. The idea might sound crazy, and yet I think that many of us need not only the reminder, but also the permission to spend intentional time with God. 

Yes, we are busy.  Yes, there are many things that demand our time.  Yes, the idea of trying to add one more thing to the calendar can feel overwhelming.  But spending time in God’s presence each day can be what gives us the strength, the inspiration, the perseverance and a clearer direction for everything else that our day entails.  Prayer, scripture, gratitude lists, marveling at Creation, serving another, songs of praise – these are just some of the ways that we can spend time with God to deepen our relationship and to nurture our spirits.

It reminds me of an old poem I remember from childhood, that still rings true today:

“PRAYER ROCK” (Author Unknown)

I’m your little prayer rock
and this is what I’ll do.
Just put me on your pillow
’til the day is through.

Then turn back the covers
and climb into your bed,
and, whack! your little prayer rock
will bump you on the head.

Then you will remember
as the day is through,
to kneel and say your prayers
as you intended to.

Then when you are finished
dump me on the floor.
I’ll stay there through the nighttime
to give you help once more.

When you get up next morning,
clunk! I stub your toe,
so that you will remember
your prayers before you go.

Put me back upon your pillow
when your bed is made,
and your clever little prayer rock
will continue in your aid.

Because your Heavenly Father
cares and loves you so,
He wants you to remember
to talk to Him, you know.


Maybe this weekend would be a wonderful time to find a rock or another symbol that reminds us of the gift of time spent with God.


O God, in the busyness of life let me seek you out so that I might be filled and reminded of your love.  Amen.

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